April 11, 2012

My Presentation for Aiken El's Career Week

This week is Career Week at Aiken Elementary. I volunteered to talk about my job, so this morning I went and told two fifth grade classes all about being a web designer.

Here's my presentation in PDF format. If I had it to do over, I would definitely have spent more time on the graphics and I also would have included testing the web site as the final step in building it.

It was also picture day, so one class was late showing up. I killed time by asking the other class what their favorite web sites were. The sites they mentioned were Facebook, some retail sites, and some gaming sites. I was struck by how quiet most of the kids were when asking their questions (either that, or my hearing is going).

After my presentation, I gave the kids a chance to ask questions. Here are some of the questions they asked me:

  • "What was the first web site you built?"
  • "Do you have to have good grades to be a web designer?"
  • "What was the hardest site to build?"
  • "What's your favorite site you made?"
  • "If you're a freelance designer, how do you get people to give you work?" (I expect this perceptive boy has a bright future.)

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