May 10, 2012

Gaming Style Gives a Clue About Personality

Photo by Ardail Smith
My mom used to tell me a story about how she and her two sisters liked to play the board game Clue:

My mom, the oldest, wanted to play according to the rules of the game.
Her middle sister wanted to make up her own rules.
Her youngest sister wanted to use the game board and pieces to play house.

Years later, my mom became a teacher. Her middle sister took off for Japan, and still lives there. Her youngest sister has a house filled with a beautiful collection of antiques.


  1. That is kind of amazing how similar to their gaming style they became as adults.


  2. I know! It makes me look at how my boys play, and think about what kind of men they'll grow into.

  3. Fun post. I played CLUE all throughout childhood and LOVE to read mysteries and my favorite book store is a mystery book shop. Never lost the love of it.

  4. I was always Miss Scarlet. Miss Scarlet was also nearly always the murderer. I don't know what that says about my personality... ;)

  5. Miss Scarlet was always my favorite, too!