July 3, 2012

Grownup Coloring Pages

I try to always carry a sketch book with me wherever I go, so I have something productive to do if I'm stuck waiting somewhere. This past Saturday, I needed to stick around the karate studio while my son attended a make-up lesson, so I had some time for serious doodling.

I was going to just scan and post the doodles as "look at this nifty thing" pieces, but then it occurred to me how much I enjoy coloring in my creations in Photoshop and I thought that others might enjoy it, too.

So here you have it: Three "Grownup Coloring Pages" that you can download, print, and color in, either with graphics software or the real-life artistic medium of your choice (crayons, pencils, etc.). The images are kind of small since they were not originally intended to be more than doodles, and I wasn't using the best pen to draw them, but they are high resolution and should still print out nicely.

Like it says on the left, these images are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license, so you are free to print them, copy them, share them, post them on your own blog, pin them, etc. as long as you 1) give me credit (leaving the little SK in the corner is fine, a link back would be awesome) and 2) don't try and sell them.

And if you are particularly proud of your coloring job, please send me a picture! I would love to see your creativity at work.

Click on the thumbnail for a link to the high-res image.
"A book is like a garden in your pocket." 2" x 2.75"

"Our lot in life... it's not a lot, but it's our life!" 3" x 3.5"

"Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better." 4" x 4.5"

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