February 19, 2019

Collage: Humility

digital collage by S. King

The collection of photos I found by searching on the word "humility" were, for the most part, not very evocative of that concept. There were a lot of stained glass and illuminated manuscript pictures, a lot of photos of church interiors and showy flowers. Among those, I managed to find three that I thought illustrated humility: a spare jail cell, a wooden figure, and a tree bent down from ice. These photos are by Ben, Saaleha Bamjee, and Saved by Grace.

Right now, spring flowers are just beginning to bloom, but they're still surrounded by winter's dead grass and bare branches. I don't really like the contrast between the beautiful flowers and the ugly, dead winter leftovers. So this piece is a way of trying to pair death with new life, winter with spring, and trying to find beauty in the contrast.

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