October 6, 2012

Sailormoon Theme on the Mandolin

image from the Sailor Moon Wiki
Last time, I played the closing credits. But that's not the song everyone knows and loves, so here's the main Sailormoon theme song on the mandolin.

Sailormoon Theme Song (mp3)

This has been one of my warm-up songs for years. I play it almost every time I sit down to practice. Of course, as soon as I hit the "record" button in Garage Band, I turn into a complete butterfingers and forget all the notes. This was the third take, and I think it turned out well because I was so mad at the effing software for messing up the previous two takes that I almost forgot to be nervous.


  1. Thank you! My daughters loved Sailor Moon as little girls, this brought back some fun memories.

  2. I must have the tabs/chords! I just started learning how to play and I would love to learn this song!