May 17, 2013

10 Lazy Ways to Burn Calories

photo by Maria de las Mercedes

The weather's warmed up, the swimming lake opens this weekend, and our family trip to the beach is coming up next month. That means that bathing suits are in our immediate future, and that means that it's diet time.

I'm already counting calories and steps, but I'm looking for every advantage. Since I'm already pretty busy, I searched for some really, really simple ways to burn calories.

Out of all the tips I found, here are the ones I think are the easiest to do.

These first two come from a list on WebMD

1. Drink water
2. Fidget

An article from Allure magazine recommends

3. Take Vitamin D
4. Laugh
5. Don't eat right before bedtime
6. Relax, de-stress
7. Watch less TV
8. Eat spicy food

And FitDay suggests

9. Chew gum
10. Go shopping

I think I can manage those things. Bathing suit, here I come!


  1. One of the 'secrets' I've seen that has good science behind it is draping an ice pack over the neck/shoulders for 10 mins before bed. Stimulates the production of calorie-burning brown fat.

    1. Thanks for sharing this timely tip! I shall try it right now as I head off to bed. :)