October 24, 2014

18 Shorter Synonyms for "Actually"

One word that I really use a lot is "actually." In fact, I probably over-use it. At 8 letters, "actually" is quite a long word relative to the amount of meaning it adds to a tweet or text. Inspired by the exercise I did with the word "interesting," I decided to see if there were indeed any good, shorter synonyms for "actually."

Here's what I found on Thesaurus.com. There are a lot of shades of meaning in this list, so every word isn't appropriate for every context. But keeping these synonyms in mind will surely help free up some crucial characters for other words that can't be shortened.

  1. in fact
  2. really
  3. truly
  4. surely
  5. easily
  6. by far
  7. clearly
  8. indeed
  9. plainly
  10. rightly
  11. simply
  12. quite
  13. fully
  14. totally
  15. utterly
  16. well
  17. wholly
  18. verily

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