August 1, 2014

30 Shorter Synonyms for "Interesting"

"That's interesting."

It's such a useful adjective. "Interesting" can be positive, disparaging, noncommittal, questioning. It's an all-purpose reaction to almost anything. A college professor of mine even banned the word in her class because she thought it was so over-used that it had ceased to have meaning.

My problem with the word "interesting" is not its banality, but its length: eleven letters. On Twitter, that's a lot of characters to spend on a single word. So I looked up "interesting" on and found 30 good synonyms with 10 letters or less. Not only will these words make my tweets more concise, they'll also vary my vocabulary and make my prose more... compelling.
interesting is 11 pixels long
  1. alluring
  2. amusing
  3. attractive
  4. compelling
  5. curious
  6. delightful
  7. engaging
  8. exotic
  9. impressive
  10. intriguing
  11. lovely
  12. pleasing
  13. refreshing
  14. striking
  15. unusual
  16. absorbing
  17. affecting
  18. arresting
  19. enchanting
  20. engrossing
  21. entrancing
  22. fine
  23. gripping
  24. inviting
  25. riveting
  26. stirring
  27. winning
  28. elegant
  29. magnetic
  30. suspicious

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