February 19, 2016

Poem: These Clothes Do Not Fit

illustration by S. King
This suit of clothes which
You have given me
Looks finely made, but
I have to tell you,
I am afraid that
It does not fit me.
The sleeves are set so
My arms can't reach them.
The legs are too short,
The collar too tight,
The waist much too loose;
I cannot wear it.
Now, I suppose that
I could change my shape.
Given enough time,
Patience, strength of will,
I could make myself
Fit into these clothes,
But I hesitate,
Asking, is it wise
To change who I am
In order to fit
This suit of clothes which
You have given me?

December 11, 2015

Illustrated Tweets: @dwatkinsworld

After a long, long hiatus, they're back! I take selected tweets from my feed out of context and illustrate them.

The race for blurbs @dwatkinsworld

November 30, 2015

Poem: Boat

photo illustration by S. King

i would be your boat
carry you
over deep chasms dark
and cold
protect you
from things that prey
and sting and
keep you
firmly secure 
in the air and light
if i could
if only i could float
above it all
i would be your boat