June 8, 2012

A Tribute to Mrs. Grossman

I went to my stash of old notebooks to look for more margin doodles. I hit pay dirt with two notebooks from my freshman year of high school, but before I post any of the material inside the notebooks, I want to show you the covers. (Click to see full-size images.)

Like many girls in the 80's, I collected stickers. And no stickers were as highly prized as Mrs. Grossman's. Like any good sticker collector, I displayed my stickers in a photo album still on their backing. 

But by the time I reached high school, that fad was over. I decided it was OK to actually use my precious hoard for its intended purpose. So here's what I made with my favorite Mrs. Grossman stickers. Looking at these brings back all kinds of happy memories. (I'm sure I never thought I'd say that about my high school Latin and Geometry notebooks!)

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