November 22, 2013

Backyard Nature Walk Gourd Turkey

Ducky brought home a gourd from preschool. The assignment was to make it into a turkey, with my help. My husband had the idea of looking in our back yard for craft materials, so Ducky and I walked around picking up any leaves, sticks, and other things that looked like they could be part of a turkey.

I got out my hot glue gun, Ducky decided what went where. He was very concerned about making the turkey realistic, having just learned about all the parts of a turkey at school. (Note the spurs on the backs of the legs: this is a boy turkey!)

gourd turkey

Here's another angle. We cut the pine cone in half to make it look more like a turkey tail. The turkey is actually resting on the table with the feet just sticking out for balance. The gourd was slippery and hard as a rock and getting it to balance on sticks was not going to happen.

gourd turkey with labels

All in all, both Ducky and I were very pleased with how it turned out. It's going to make a nice centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner.

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