October 1, 2012

Half-Mask with Glasses

I've decided to participate in BlogHer's NaBloPoMo for October. The theme is "Mask."

It's hard to wear a mask when you wear glasses. The glasses just get in the way. Because I've worn glasses since the age of four, I've either had to sacrifice the mask or the glasses each year for Halloween.

But when my husband and I went to a charity masquerade ball recently, I got an idea for how I could wear both. Here's my half-mask, with glasses.

I bought a cat mask at the Halloween store and added maribou around the ears and a jewel
on the nose to jazz it up a bit.
Then I cut the mask's elastic band, wrapped it tightly around my back-up pair of glasses, and
knotted it.
Voila! I have a mask, and I can still see! Also, no elastic to mess up my hair!

1 comment:

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