October 26, 2012

Song: Straight Ticket Voter

This year, with South Carolina's elections being so messed up, with so many write-in and petition candidates, it's especially important to think about who you're voting for. If you vote a straight ticket, you may be giving up your chance to vote for some offices, as well as voting for some real lemons.

Here's a little song I wrote about straight-ticket voters:

Here are the lyrics, in case you can't hear them very well over the twangy mandolin.

Straight Ticket Voter

I'm a straight ticket voter, 
Don't want to think it over
'Cause I believe the party line right to my core
I just push that button 
And I don't worry 'bout nothin'
'Cause I know our crooks and liars are better than yours

Well this candidate is shifty 
And he isn't very thrifty
He drove his daddy's business straight into the ground
His nanny is illegal
And he shot his neighbor's beagle
But he's one more vote for our side, so let's keep him around


Well this candidate ain't stellar
But she's written a best-seller
Her list of wealthy donors is half a mile long
To the party she is loyal
Though she has some friends in oil
But the ethics charge against her really isn't very strong


Yes, I know our crooks and liars are better than yours

1 comment:

  1. You really made me smile with your song and performance. The message is the same for people in this area as well. I loved the line "I know our crooks and liars are better than yours"...