July 27, 2012

Margin Doodles No. 22

I have made a point of never including in these posts any cruel caricatures of my classmates that I've found in my old high school notebooks. And, yes, I have found several. But even though I disliked a few certain people for whatever reason all those years ago, a lot of them were and are still my friends, and I want bygones to stay bygones.

However, I am reasonably sure this guy doesn't resemble anyone I knew:

Dude seriously needs some coffee.

This poor girl probably would have turned out OK if I hadn't gone overboard on the contoured shading. She looks like a "before" picture in a Botox ad:

I think this guy is supposed to be one of the characters
from my Latin book.

Check out bean-head over on the left. Is that supposed to be a kerchief?

"Tarantara" is what the policemen sing in Pirates of Penzance

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